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2022 Annual Report 
DTCC 2022 Annual Report: 50 Years of Advancing Financial Markets

Dear Stakeholders:

2023 marks an important milestone in our history – it's our 50th anniversary. And our 2022 Annual Report shares our story of 50 Years of Advancing Financial Markets. Anniversaries allow us to reconnect with the past, reflect on the path our company has traveled and gain perspective on how those experiences have shaped our firm’s evolution. But anniversaries are also about the future – about setting bigger goals, and elevating the organization to new levels of success. We invite you to explore our Annual Report to learn how we are building upon our rich heritage and taking definitive steps today to prepare the firm, and the industry for the future.

2021 Annual Report 
DTCC 2021 Annual Report: Delivering Value by Driving Progress

Dear Stakeholders:

We are proud to release our 2021 Annual Report to share our story of “Progress,” and how collaboration supports our goal to protect the stability of the global financial markets and to innovate to lead positive change for the industry. DTCC’s ability to deliver value to the industry is built on foundational pillars that include Leadership, Impact, Partnership, Purpose and Financial Performance. These pillars have served us well for many years, and they will be even more essential as we broaden our support to help you solve the complex business challenges facing our clients. We encourage you to view our Annual Report and hear stories from our many stakeholders about how our partnership drives our progress.

Annual Report 2020 
DTCC 2020 Annual Report: Architects of Innovation

Dear Stakeholders:

As “Architects of Innovation,” DTCC plays a dual role in reimagining and building the financial marketplace of the future. At the heart of this vision is our strategic roadmap, which represents our plans to evolve and modernize our business capabilities and technology to transform the post-trade infrastructure and help solve the most complex operational challenges facing our clients. While 2020 will be remembered as a year unlike any other, we are proud to have met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to advance our long-term strategic priorities. We invite you to view our Annual Report and hear stories from our employees about the inspiration, innovations and discoveries that guide our work.

2019 Annual Report 
DTCC 2019 Annual Report: Advancing Financial Markets. Together.

Dear Stakeholders:

We are proud to release our 2019 Annual Report to share our story with you, and also officially launch our refreshed brand. During these turbulent times, market infrastructures like DTCC act as the steadying force to safeguard the system and protect the industry. However, whether in the midst of a market crisis or a period of relative calm, DTCC is always focused on “Advancing Financial Markets. Together.” That means we’re solving vexing operational challenges, addressing client pain points and leading digital transformation to reimagine the marketplace of the future. Please join us in reviewing our Annual Report and hear stories from our employees about the innovative work occurring across DTCC and how we continue to rise to the occasion when our clients need us most.

2018 Annual Report 
DTCC 2018 Annual Report: Building a Foundation for the Future

Dear Stakeholders:

This past September marked the 10th anniversary of the start of the financial crisis. In our 2018 Annual Report, “Building a Foundation for the Future,” we showcase the work we’ve done over the past decade to strengthen the infrastructure, protect the marketplace and transform how we operate to better serve our clients and other stakeholders. We bring these stories to life through the voices of our employees, who share their unique insights on the initiatives they’re involved in and the impact they’re making on our clients and the industry. We also provide updates on the important work we are doing to improve the communities where we operate and beyond.